Citizens for the Preservation of Buehler Park
welcomes you to historic
Buehler Park


coffee conversation with

Great Rivers Environmental Law Center

at Rolla Panera, Monday, March 18 1:00-2:30pm

Open forum with Kathleen Henry and Sarah Willey,
President and Director of Outreach and Development

Everyone is invited — No set agenda

The 3 acre park that set legal precedent
Buehler Park lies one block east of exit 184
on the south side of Interstate 44 in
Rolla, Missouri
(Still the best kept secret on I-44 in Missouri)
This site is still under reconstruction
latest update: March 2019
Have a great day and thank you
for your interest in Buehler Park
For all inquiries contact
Tom Sager
Secretary / Treasurer / Webmaster / Editor
Citizens for the Preservation of Buehler Park
yushasager (at)

Recent Documents

Buehler Park Master Plan
City of Rolla, July, 2017

Timeline for Dog-Park / Animal-Shelter Proposals

Other Documents
   About Buehler Park           short history
          warranty deed
          court decision
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CPBP Officers

President: Jerry Cohen
Vice-Pres: Linda Novak
Secty/Treas: Tom Sager