Buehler Park

Citizens for the Preservation of
Buehler Park

Contact information for city of Rolla officials
(last updated: June, 2022)
Name Position Telephone Email
Louis Magdits Mayor 364-6948 lmagdits@rollacity.org
Entire City Council citycouncil@rollacity.org
Terry Higgins City Council Ward 1 578-1643 thiggins@rollacity.org
Moriah Renaud City Council Ward 1 513-9086 mrenaud@rollacity.org
Nathan Chirban City Council Ward 2 201-6533 nchirban@rollacity.org
Megan Johnson City Council Ward 2 308-1613 mjohnson@rollacity.org
Lister Florence City Council Ward 3 647-1268 lflorence@rollacity.org
Matt Fridley City Council Ward 3 368-9722 mfridley@rollacity.org
Jaired Hall City Council Ward 4 453-4938 jhall@rollacity.org
Robert Kessinger City Council Ward 4 382-5724 rkessinger@rollacity.org
Carrolyn Bolin City Council Ward 5 466-2007 cbolin@rollacity.org
Stanley Mayberry City Council Ward 5 645-1391 smayberry@rollacity.org
Tina Balch City Council Ward 6 308-5544 tbalch@rollacity.org
Victoria Steen City Council Ward 6 721-7937 vsteen@rollacity.org
John Butz City Administrator 426-6948 jbutz@rollacity.org
Floyd Jernigan Director of Parks and Recreation 364-6901 fjernigan@rollacity.org
Marie Crowley Recreation Supervisor 364-6901 mcrowley@rollacity.org
Sue Arnold Park Board Member 465-3972 suearnold715@gmail.com
Ken Kwantes Park Board Member 465-5569 kkwantes@yahoo.com
Andrew Meggitt Park Board Member 273-3171 andrew.meggitt46@gmail.com
Larry Thomas Park Board Member 308-5134 thomaslj@fidnet.com
Susan Wrasmann Park Board Member 364-9588 swras@fidmail.com
Mike Fleischhauer Park Board Member Mike.Fleischhauer@mdc.mo.gov